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HIV risk from love bite and clippers?


I'm back in Thailand again,been spending some time with a LB. I believe she ain't a sex worker,but still worrying about couple if things. I know the risk is low,just need clarification.

We have both given each other love bites. But when I did one to her,I remembered I had a 'cracked filling' and sometimes you can tell it's not in a good way. It has bleed in the past.

And lastly,she insisted to cut my toe nails. But on doing so,she accidentally cut me. It was here clippers.

I hate the anxiety during this. Can't eat or sleep again.

Thank you for any advice.



Biting is considered a negligible risk for the transmission of HIV. This means that while there is the theoretical possibility for the exchange of bodily fluids, there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted in this way.

Having your toenails clipped with your partner's clippers does not pose a risk for the transmission of HIV. HIV is a very fragile virus outside the human body, and dies within seconds of exposure to the air. Therefore, if there had been any HIV positive blood on the clippers, any virus would have been dead by the time the clippers were used on you.

To summarize, you are not at risk of HIV from these experiences, and you do not require testing for HIV.

In health, Erin