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HIV risk to mother while lactating


6 months old infant is HIV positive. The breastfeeding lady is HIV negative. We know that infants have immature immune so the saliva will have HIV. Question: While lactating can HIV be transmitted from baby's saliva in woman's blood via milk stream?

Request you to please also provide some scientific justification along with your answer.


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for you HIV/AIDS related health information.

Yes, there is a risk of HIV transmission for child-to-breastfeeding woman.

To best answer your question, I have provided a link to the following scientific article: A Review of Evidence for Transmission of HIV From Children to Breastfeeding Women and Implications for Prevention .

As the article states, "transmission likely occurs as a result of breastfeeding contact during a period of epithelial disruption, such as maternal skin fissures and/or infant stomatitis."

I would encourage you to read through this article whereas it should answer many of your questions.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.


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