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Hiv risk from multiple oral sex


I was at a party last night, this lady gave oral sex to a guy, he ejaculated in her mouth, without thinking, she then began to give me oral sex. My question is, if she had HIV positive semen in her mouth, and then performed oral sex on me, am I at risk for HIV transmission. I'm freaking out, thank you.


Hi and thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. Receiving oral sex presents negligible risk to you. Saliva is not a good place for the HIV virus to survive and be passed on to someone else.

Using a condom is always the best method for protecting yourself and your partner from the transmission of HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so if you are sexually active I encourage you to use condoms. You may also wish to consider a routine of regular testing fro HIV and other STIs. How often you get tested depends on the amount and type of sexually activity you engage in.

Please feel free to contact the Helpline again if you have other HIV related questions.

Best wishes, Marnelle Helpline Volunteer helpline@aidsvancouver.org Helpline MON-FRI 9am-4pm Tel. 604-696-4666