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HIV risk or no risk?


I visited an escort. She gave me a blowjob with a condom on. I checked the condom after the blowjob and it did not break( poured water into it). He also gave me a handjob and I checked her hands for cuts but none were present. She used lube or some oil during the handjob. Could the lube be infected with a previous Customers HIV virus? I licked her nipples and sucked on it. I tasted breast milk. 2-3 drops were ingested. Am I risk? Also while doing this, my BARE penis was brushing against her vagina. I do not recall if I penetrated her. However, I am clear that no unprotected sex happened as I was scared of acquiring something from her. My penis was dry so I assumed I didn't penetrate her. Would t be possible to penetrate a girl without having to use your hands to guide ur penis into her vagina? Does penetration require force or much thrust to go in? Or it can be done hands free ? (Sorry I know it sounds dumb but I am a virgin) but at least I remembered that I did not penetrate her, and had no intention on Doing so. Would I have felt it and no doubt hve known that I penetrated her? Please answer my queries. I am anxious!



First and foremost, HIV cannot live outside the human body on surfaces or in fluids (such as body fluids or lubrication).

You are not at risk from sucking nipples-this is considered a no risk activity. Brushing your body parts up against each other would be negligible, considering there may be body fluids present but no cases of HIV have ever been transmitted in this way. Once exposed to the air, HIV cannot survive.

If you penetrated a woman, you would know that it happened- especially given it would be such a new feeling for you.

Rest assured that the activities you engaged in are low risk or negligible for the transmission of HIV. Keep in mind that using a condom and regular testing is the best way to protect both yourself and future partners from the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV. Also keep in mind that HIV does not discriminate; it can impact anyone despite socio economic status, profession, gender, sexual orientation etc. Commercial Sex Workers are not more likely to have HIV that any other person is, and tend to get tested more often than you or I.

I hope this helps to put your mind more at ease. All the best.