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hiv risk precum


hi! recently i had sex with a partner. he had precum at his penis. his penis with precum was at contact with air for 30secs and then he try to penetrate me. he went to my vagina lip,but there was no intercourse or vagina get open. so,can i get hiv? does hiv die as soon as it is expose to air in case of precum? does hiv also die quickly in semen or blood as soon as expose to air or it die only after drying? please reply asap. very worried. some says the fluid nids to dry,but doesnot it die as soon as it is expose to air? does precum can flow inside vagina?



The situation you have described is what we would call a negligible risk for the transmission of HIV. This means there is theoretically the potential for the exchange of bodily fluids, however, there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted this way.

This means that you do not have HIV and you do not require testing for HIV.

HIV does begin to break down as soon as it comes into contact with the air.

In health, Erin