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HIV risk through oral sex


7 months ago, I had two one night stands with two different girls( a bout a month apart) while I was in Texas. Now I'm worried that I might have HIV. I don't recall cuts on my penis and both gave me a blowjob and I only fingered them. I already had a test done two months ago and it reads that I'm HIV negative but it also said that the reason that it read negative was that it was too soon( 6 months was recommended). I feel fine except for this Streep throat that has reoccurred twice in the past three months and severe anxiety as the result of my fear. Could reoccurring Streep throat be an indicator of HIV infection? Do I need to go back and get tested to put this to rest?


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the possibility of an association between the re-occurring strep throat you are experiencing and HIV acquisition. You were also asking about whether you should or should not receive a follow up HIV test.

A primary or acute infection of HIV can be characterized by many different symptoms such as fever, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, etc. In many cases, these symptoms can indicate the presence of an infection. However, it is nearly impossible to attribute any/all of these symptoms directly to HIV without adequate testing confirmation. In your case, it appears you had received testing approximately 5 months after the exposure. Official HIV testing guidelines do indeed recommend re-testing at 6 months for completely conclusive results. If the test you received was Fourth Generation EIA, this exam has a sensitivity and specificity of approximately 100% for patients with chronic infection (1), and a negative test result with this exam would mean you are HIV-uninfected with no further testing required (2).

Recommendation: Refer to a Physician for a follow-up HIV test (6 months post exposure), and for any other health related questions.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody