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4th Generation test at 6 weeks reliability


Hi and thank you for the great service!!
I recently had a possible HIV exposure. While in Amsterdam I had vaginal intercourse with a window sex worker. A condom was used but I did not check its integrity by the end of the of the encounter which has significantly raised my anxiety level to the max. I had a fourth generation test done in amsterdam 4 weeks after the possible exposure and then again at 6 weeks, both came back negative! I also had an Insti rapid HIV test done at 45 days which also came back negative. My question is my situation looking ok? What are the odds of me getting a false negative out of these three tests? and finally do I need further testing?
(The nurses present at these tests all gave me different answers about the conclusiveness of these tests which is why I'm super confused)



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we understand from the question you are asking about the conclusiveness of a 4th Generation EIA test taken at 6 weeks.

The 4th Generation EIA is considered to be highly accurate at 4 weeks, and conclusive at 6 weeks as this test looks for both antigens and antibodies. BC government guideline states the following: "Most patients can be tested at 4 weeks following exposure (>95% of infected individuals will have detectable antibodies at this time). If negative, repeat testing at 3 months is recommended (>99% of infected individuals will have a positive EIA at this time)." [1] Official HIV guidelines can recommend confirmatory testing at 12 weeks, but 6 weeks is considered by most to be conclusive. In your situation, if you are still concerned, you could speak to your physician about having a confirmatory test at 12 weeks to be absolutely certain.

Thank you, and have a good day!

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Sara


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