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hiv test at41day duo test..


Hi my exposur was unprotected reciving oral sex and protected vaginal sex but when was take out slip up but still cover my pines..after that take out condom i cleand with water my penis..and after three days i got dry throat still i have..i used antibotics for sore throat but no cure..and in these period my doctor give to me hepatits b vacicine my qustion is if i use vacicines and antibotics(pencilin) any dely to hiv accurate resultes and have i to wait for result to long time when is comeing my accurate resuts. i got test at42 duo test and 3rd genration and rapid test all are negative..plz help me



These things will not delay your test results, and you are still able to obtain a completely conclusive test at 3 months following an exposure as long as their were no other instances of risk between.

Your current test results at 42 days are a great indication of your status. It is quite unlikely that this will change for you, however if you would like conclusive results, retesting at 3 months is recommended. Using condoms for intercourse greatly reduced the transmission of the virus, and receiving oral sex is a very low risk. All the best,