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hiv testing 123


After my risky explosure with CSW my HIV RNA PCR at 9 days not detected and 32 & 85 after HIV test wit CMIA method Non reactive i.e index value is 0.07 and 0.09 after 212 days my HIV 1 and 2 test with elisa method negitive i.e index value is 0.24, and hepatatis B and C negitive. my problem is enlarged lumph node 32 days after the exposed 1.5 cm length still existing. the lumph node related to any STD ? can i take which type STD test? my tests are rule out HIV?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the reliability of your 4 HIV test results after a High Risk exposure. You are also concerned about some symptoms that you have been experiencing.

From what we understand, you have taken 4 HIV tests(1) post exposure, all results have been negative.

  • Test #1: Pooled RNA NAAT aka "Early Test" at 9 days post exposure. This test detects viral RNA in blood of individuals who are without detectable antibody levels yet. The accuracy or this test is as follows: 90% at 10-12 days, at 6 weeks it is 95-98% and at 12 weeks is 99%. Your test was taken at 9 days, 1 day away from being within the 90% accuracy.

  • Test #2 and #3: EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) antibody 3rd generation aka ELISA test at 32 days and 85 days post exposure. This is a blood test that looks for antibodies. Third-generation tests can detect HIV infection in 50% of people by 22 days after infection; 95% of people by 40 days after infection; and 99% of people by three months after infection(1). Test #2 was taken at 32 days, this is 10 days after HIV infection can be detected in 50% of people. Test #3 was taken at 85 days, this is approximately 3 months post exposure when HIV infection would be detected in 99% of people. Both tests returned a non-reactive result.

  • Test #4: EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) antibody 3rd generation aka ELISA test at 212 days post exposure. This test was well past 3 months when HIV infection is detected in 99% of people. The test result was negative.

At this point, your HIV test results are considered conclusive.

The symptoms that you have been experiencing can be attributed to a wide range of viral infections. Best practice in this situation is to visit your healthcare professional, discuss these symptoms in detail and be referred for any additional STI testing or other testing that your healthcare professional recommends.

Recommendation: No need for further HIV test with the scenario provided. Visit your healthcare professional to describe your symptoms and be referred for any additional testing your healthcare provider recommends.