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HIV testing


I'm wondering what the testing procedure is like. I went in a couple days ago to be tested. I get coldsores on my lip and have had a couple genital warts in the past (since been removed). I'm wondering if the antibodies that are tested for in the HIV test, might show up as the antibodies my body made to fight the HPV from genital warts or from coldsores. I've been losing sleep like crazy over this. Ive been told that it's 7-10 days until I will hear back about the results, is this business days or just regular days (weekend included). I'm finding the waiting unbearable and wondering if i should get one of these rapid tests done in the meantime.

Thanks for your help, please let me know.


Hello and thanks for contacting Aids Vancouver with your questions.

It seems like you are concerned that antibodies from genital warts might be confused as antibodies for HIV in the HIV test that has just been done. We are glad to share information on this.

Antibodies are proteins which are produced by the body in order to fight an infection. You can read additional information from AIDSMAP. Therefore all antibodies are specific to the infection. Antibodies from other infection will not be confused with those of HIV. Different tests are conducted for different antibodies. The results of all HIV tests are accurate.

With regards to the time that results can be obtained, it depends on where you are and how far and how busy laboratory facilities are. You can still go for a rapid test as they are just as good. They have 99% accuracy. For conclusive results you will have to be tested 3 months after the exposure which we encourage everyone to do.

Thanks for contacting Aids Vancouver. Our Helpline postings will provide additional information on testing. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us again.


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