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Question about Rapid Testing


hello! plz help... i have some questions on hiv testing.

I had a possible exposure in late may, three days after possible exposure. I gave a man unprotected oral sex. after this, I went into the ER with concerns that i have may have contracted hiv. They performed a rapid hiv blood test and the results came back negative. I know this is far to early, but it doesnt stop there. I am literally freaking out, I went to my personal doctor 14 days after exposure. I had a full panel std test done through my doctor. My main concern was hiv, that test came back negative. That following friday, 19 days after exposure I went to a HIV testing center and had an insti blood test done. They pricked my finger and performed the test, which came back negative. Of course I had access to the internet, so reading multiple sites I learned that this is also to early for a test. So 26 days after possible exposure, I went to another HIV clinic and had Alere determine rapid hiv test. The reason I went to get this test done is the people who work at this testing center told me that this test has a window period of 2 weeks after exposure. So i dont know this test came back negative also. But i am still freaking out. please help me with some advice regarding the accuracy of these test, and give me some advice with what i should do next. Thank u!



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we understand, you are asking about the accuracy of a Rapid Test (also called "Point-of-Care" Test). The accuracy of the Rapid Test is very high, and is considered conclusive within 4 weeks to 3 months of exposure. Most people develop detectable antibodies within 21 to 25 days, and the vast majority of people are detectable within 4-6 weeks. With your test taken at 26 days, this would be considered conclusive for most people.

If you are still having concerns, please talk to your physician about getting a 4th Generation test, which is considered conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Sara