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HIV tests at 90 days - Still having fear


Hi All,


I am from india, I had a brief exposure with a prostitute in honkgong exactly before 99 days. I used condom, as this is the first time I was having vaginal sex, but I don't was there any break or slippage.

I was licking her vagina for 10 seconds and kissing her continuously in nipples, mouth.

I started to get lot of symptoms from 20 th day onwards

Rashes, mild fever, 3 small lymph nodes in neck, weight loss of about 5 kg, sometimes high fever about 100 f.

I started my tests as follows,

29the day rapid test - negative
33rd day rapid test - negative
33rd day REAL TIME pcr - viral load - hiv 1 - Target not detected
43rd day - elisa - non reactive
49th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
56th day - elisa - negative
63rd day - elisa - negative
70th day - elisa - negative
77th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
81st day HIV 1 RNA DETECTION using cobas taqman - not detectable
90th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
90th day - ELISA - negative

Other than these tests, I took STD tests on 88th day - for chlamydia, syphilis, HSV 1 and 2, HbsAg, CMV, RPR/VDRL, TPHL, TOXOPLASMA, rubella. Everything is negative other than rubella IgG with value of 136.

1. Is my tests are conclusive, should I need to take any tests in 6 months,

2.from 2 week onwards I am getting rashes on/off. is it related to HIV

3. What could be the cause of lymph nodes near ear and neck, this are not noticeable and not paint, May be around 1 cm.

4.I was using Alprazolam 0.25 MG for anxiety, will this have any effects on HIV tests.

5.is my other STD tests are conclusive?


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you've been pretty worried about HIV and sexually transmitted infections ever since your encounter with the commercial sex worker in Hong Kong. It's great that you've taken initiative for your own health and gone for testing, though! Great job.

Let's get straight to answering your questions. I'll answer them in the order you asked them.

  1. Yes, based on the guidelines we follow in British Columbia, your tests are conclusive. More than 99% of cases are detected 3 months post-exposure. There are rare cases (such as if you've taken post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV or you have a rare immunodeficiency condition) which can cause the window period to be longer than average. For this reason, the Centre for Disease Control in the United States recommends re-testing at 6 months post-exposure for conclusive results. However, as has been mentioned, we in British Columbia would consider your test results conclusive.

  2. Since your results are conclusive, HIV is not the cause of the rashes you've been getting on and off. You might want to partner up with your healthcare professional to see what else might be going on and causing those symptoms.

  3. We at AIDS Vancouver are trained volunteers, not doctors. We can't diagnose! See number 2.

  4. HIV test results would not be affected by medications such as alprazolam.

  5. For information on testing for sexually transmitted infections, window periods, etc., a great place to look is the BC CDC's Smart Sex Resource.

Thanks again for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

All the best,


AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer

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