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HiV transmission


i had protected sex using latex condom 5 days ago with a sex worker

the sex worker(lady) kissed me for 2,3 seconds on lips, soon after she kissed me i noticed my lips were cracked nd bit bleeding

i instantly rushed to washroom nd washed my lips nd found bit blood

the next morning i wokeup, i had fever , flu nd sore throat

its been 5 days now, i still had little fever bt no sore throat and little flu
but no diarhoea, fatigue or anyother symptom

i m very depressed , please help me nd let me know chances of HIV or any othr STD transmission.



Hello and thanks, using condoms correctly is the best defense against passing HIV and you should be commended for taking your sexual health seriously. Taking blood into the mouth is a low risk for passing HIV and we have only seen HIV passed orally with blood in rare identifiable situations, such as having pre-existing sexually transmitted infections, poor overall health, including poor oral health.

A commercial sex worker is no more likely to pass HIV than anyone else and it is the activity, not the person that may pass HIV. While it is unlikely that you have been exposed to HIV from the information you have provided, we always recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. We cannot provide "chance" answers.

Having a flu or sore throat does not indicate HIV and may indicate having the flu or a cold. Please see your health care provider if you do not feel better or if these ailments worsen.