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HIV transmission


Can HIV pass through a tiny sore(not bleeding) in mouth when giving oral to a woman? I have read on this site that only time it might pass through is when the person who give oral have a major dental surgery done or some stitches or some bleeding wounds!


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

Sores can increase the risk of acquiring HIV if they are related to another viral infection in the body (e.g. an STI). You are right in that apart from sores, severe injury to the mouth is another way the virus may access the bloodstream orally. However, if your sore is not related to another viral infection, for example acne-related, it would not be considered a risk-increasing factor for HIV transmission.

When risk factors are identified, giving oral sex is still considered a low-risk activity since, there have only been a few confirmed reports of this activity leading to transmission under the previously discussed conditions. Here is a resource you may use to learn more about the risks associated with Oral Sex.

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