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I GOT a non bored needle prick of a hiv +ve person in hospital , but hardly some blood oozed out my thumb......whats chance of getting infected....please help..


Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

The risk of HIV transmission that's associated with needles is a result of syringes that have barrels. This is because the barrel is a vaccum (no air/substances) which provides a temporary environment that HIV can survive in and then be passed on to the next person who actively injects with that needle.

Therefore, the components needed to make HIV transmission possible by needle are:

  • a barrel on the needle

  • someone to have injected themselves first with the needle (leaving their blood in the barrel)

  • you to then actively inject yourself with the needle (so that their blood goes into your bloodstream).

Your situation doesn't sound characteristic of HIV risk via needles. This is because it was just a needle prick, so any blood that was on the outside of the needle would be exposed to the environment and it would become damaged and inactivated. This means that HIV cannot be passed on. Further, it sounds like the needle used did not have a barrel.

Overall, it doesn't sound like there's any risk associated with this needle-stick, but if this was an occupational injury (i.e. working in health care) please consult the staff at the hospital as they may be able to help you further and hospitals often have specific guidelines they follow in these cases. At most, your exposure was a Low Risk for HIV transmission.

Further, this webpage about healthcare exposures may be helpful to you:http://www.avert.org/hiv-transmission-prevention/working-healthcare

I hope this helped!



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