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HIV Transmission During Anal and Penis Examination


Is it possible to Get HIV during anal and penis examination if doctor introduce some blood into penis or rectum?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about your risk of acquiring HIV from a physician administered anal or penis examination.

The scenario you have described is highly unlikely and would involve malpractice (professional negligence) on the part of the performing physician. In this case, the physician would have to have neglected to change gloves, or used swabbing devices previously used on patients before yourself. This sort of negligence is very rare and unlikely to happen in a health care environment and can lead to severe professional repercussions (1).

If, hypothetically, your physician, nurse, or healthcare worker was not diligent in their safety precautions; there is an opportunity for negligible risk (there are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission) when introducing blood or body fluid that has been exposed to air to sensitive points of entry on the body. It is important to remember in this scenario that HIV experiences a rapid reduction in concentration and subsequently is rendered inactive when exposed to oxygen outside of the body (2).

To summarize, while there is technically a (negligible) risk of acquiring HIV in this scenario, all factors contributing would be extremely unlikely to happen in a professional medical setting. If all of these factors aligned there would be an even more unlikely chance that HIV could survive long enough outside the body to be re-introduced into a patient.

Please keep in mind our HIV Transmission Equation or refer to a physician for any further HIV related questions.

Best, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Cody