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HIV transmission risk and reliability of test results


I presume I had a possible exposure after giving oral to a man who ejaculated in my mouth (I had throat inflammation at that time). A week after this, I started developing some symptoms which could be indicative of ARS. I tested HIV negative with PCR test 2 weeks after the exposure and then also negative with antibodies (or perhaps combo/duo, not certain) 6 weeks after the exposure.
How high was my risk to get HIV from the intercourse, and how conclusive/definitive are the results of my tests? Also, should I test for Hep C, given that the symptoms persist? (I am vaccinated against Hep A and B)
Thanks a lot for your advice!


Hello, hepatitis c is only passed from blood and from the information you are providing no hepatitis c test is needed.

Giving oral sex to a man or woman is a low risk for passing HIV and if you are living with other sexually transmitted infections, have poor health including poor oral health, you risk increases slightly however this is still a low risk activity for acquiring HIV.

An HIV test at 6 weeks is a very good indication that you have not been exposed to HIV as most people who are passed the HIV virus will develop detectable HIV antibodies in just 21-25 days, with the majority of people developing antibodies in just 4-6 weeks.

Symptoms are not an indication of HIV and only an HIV test can tell if you are living will HIV or not. There are no clinically defined symptoms of HIV however if these health issues continue or worsen, please seek medical attention.

Please consider having a final and conclusive test done at the 12 week mark and we are hopeful that you will be just fine. let us know how things work out.

Yours respectfully,