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HIV Transmission through various cuts on penis/testicles


Hi i just wanted start off by saying thanks for all the work you guys do here, I hope you guys can help me out by providing me with some info.

So about 6 days ago I made an appointment to meet with a sex worker. About 1 hour before I was shaving my pubic hair and the hair around my penis with a trimmer. As a result I cut myself, in different areas. I had small cuts on the testicles, and small cuts on the pubic region. I am not circumcised and I also cut myself on the outside of the penis, the cut was about mid-way on the penis. When I met with the sex-worker she started giving me a blowjob while I was wearing a condom. I was not fully erected because I was nervous. After the blowjob she sat on top of me and we had sex for about 2 minutes. Then I went on top of her, and then finally we did doggy-style, all this while I was still wearing the condom. At one point I noticed that I was bleeding a little. Eventually the nerves got to me so I stopped the session and left. Almost immediately after I became concerned, and got the paranoia that I may have got an infection of some sort. Ever since I have been going crazy, losing sleep, not eating properly, and keep feeling that I am experiencing symptoms of some sort. I keep reading on forums that HIV transmission through vaginal fluid is impossible once the fluid is exposed to air (oxygen).

My concerns are:

1) The cut on my penis that was mid-way, may not have been fully covered by the condom. So what if the exposed cut went inside the vagina, but not deep. Is there anyway HIV could be transmitted if my cut came in contact with her vaginal fluid in the vagina even though I was not deep? How deep do you have to go for the vaginal fluids to still be viral with HIV?

2) Also the sex-worker was very wet around her vagina, and the cuts on my pubic region, testicles, and penis at some point all touched the clitoris/vagina (where it was wet). Is HIV transmission possible this way?

Its only been 6 days and I am going crazy thinking that I have to wait 3 months to get a conclusive result from an HIV test. If you could please answer my questions to the best of your ability it would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi there, thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver!

1) Wearing a condom is the most effective way to prevent infection. Any small cuts or abrasions on the penis would be considered low risk during a sexual intercourse if protection (condom) is used. HOWEVER, unprotected sex with an individual who has HIV would be considered a high risk activity and HIV transmission risk would be higher in that case. HIV transmission through cuts & sores is actually only a theory. There has never been any reported cases, which makes this a negligible risk.

2) HIV transmission through cuts & sores is considered a negligible risk. (Even though bodily fluid was exchanged, there have been no reported cases of this happening this way)

We always recommend safely getting tested, because other STI's transfer easier than HIV.

I hope this information has helped you, and please contact us if you have any other questions!