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How conclusive an HIV DUO at 67 day and Antibody test at 74 day?


I had an unprotected oral and vaginal sex for one or two minute.
After this exposure, I had DUO test at 67th day and was negative.
Then today, I had 74th day HIV 1/2 Antibody test negative.
How definitive/conclusive are these tests?

Thanks for your reply....



The tests taken are a really great indication of your status and not likely to change at this point. Typically, conclusive testing is done at 3 months or 84 days, but given your two already negative results, I don't see it changing if you wait ten more days. Your results with the duo test are 99.9% accurate and most specialist consider is conclusive at 6 weeks. Whereas the antibody test is 99.8% accurate and usually antibodies are detectable with 21-25 days.

Hope this information helps, but please feel free to contact us again with any further concerns.

All the best,