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How early can Detrmine detects HIV


I had unprotected sex, several times, with an HIV positive gal on 12 September 2015. We went for HIV testing on 13 Sept she was positive and i was negative. I did not take any after exposure drugs. Today 05 January 2016 i tested myself and got a negative result? Is this result conclusive?


Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline

It sounds as though you are seeking some reassurance around your test result.

Tests are conclusive at 12 weeks post-exposure. Your test on Jan 5 would be over 16 weeks post-exposure, so providing it was a test taken at a clinic, you can be confident in this result.

There has been a great advance in medicine in the last few years and people living with HIV can now expect to live long, healthy, normal lives, with some reaching clinically undetectable levels of HIV (meaning they cannot the transmit the virus to their partners). If you would like to continue a relationship with this girl, there are lots of organisations out there to help you and her understand how her status would affect your relationship, to enable you to continue seeing this girl if you wish.

If you are in BC, our Health Promotion team would be pleased to hear from you: http://www.aidsvancouver.org/health_promotion_program Alternatively, have a look for "AIDS Service Organisations" in your area and reach out to a local partner who can work with you on maintaining a negative status in a sero-discordant relationship.

I hope this is the information you were looking for.

Very best wishes

Wendy (Volunteer)

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