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I'm really worried please help me 09/12/15


First thank you for all the help.
So about 7 weeks ago 07/21/15 I had unprotected intercourse with someone of unknown HIV status. Yesterday 09/11/15I had again unprotected intercourse with a different partner . It was foolish I know. But I want to test . I am planning on testing with the HIV early detection test from stdcheck.com here in the USA . My question is as follows
1. Will the HIV DNA material be detectable from 7 weeks ago?
2.) how about 10 days post exposure from 09/11/15
I plan to test again October 12 with a 4th generation HIV test and another RNA test .
Would this be accurate for both exposures ?
Thanks again :)


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

We want to let you know that many people have unprotected sexual intercourse, although it is considered a high-risk activity for HIV transmission, this activity does not lead to HIV transmission every time. We are glad that you are considering being tested for HIV, and can give you some more information to make sure you get the most accurate results that you can:

  • HIV testing should be carried out in relation to your most recent exposure since, this way all previous exposures are accounted for too. That means when you carry out your HIV test for the September 11 2015 exposure, the results will cover any exposures that happened before that too.

  • Your most recent exposure happened on September 11, 2015. We want to let you know that carrying out a Pooled RNA NAAT test at 10 to 12 days post-exposure can give you an accurate early indication of your status. Alternatively, carrying out a PCR RNA+DNA NAAT test at 14 to 21 days post-exposure can give you an accurate early indication of your status.

  • Carrying out any antibody test, including the 4th Generation EIA ag/ab test, between 4 and 6 weeks after your most recent exposure will give you a result that is highly accurate and unlikely to change. The accuracy of all HIV tests, including the 4th Generation EIA, the Pooled RNA NAAT test and the PCR RNA DNA NAAT test, increases as you approach the 12 weeks post- most recent exposure mark.

  • 12 weeks after your most recent exposure, any HIV test you carry out will provide results that can be considered conclusive (most accurate), and, which won't change with no new exposures.

We hope this information provides you with some direction about how to move forward, and learn your status accurately. Here is a great resource we use to support our answers. Additionally, we invite residents of British Columbia to contact us for a referral to the Health Promotion Case Management program, where you can learn how to reduce your ongoing risk of acquiring HIV.

Thanks again, for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.



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