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Insertive Oral



I had in december of 2013 a blowjob from a girl who I consider to engage frequently in high risk situations, she is a hooker and talking with her before the incident she told me that 80% of her clients have anal sex , she uses a dildo on them , I assume that people who engage in this kind of practice are in majority at least bissexual, wich means much higher risk I think

The blowjob took about 15 minutes, I didn't come, was a little bit drunk from a couple of beers, two days later I had a dry mouth for about two days as I never had before, couldn't even swallow, had to put water in my mouth from time to time, really strange

A week later had a running nose for a while then got stuffy nose, no flu, fever nothing, took a antibiotic shot prescribed by a doctor, was ok. During the christmas holiday got a strange ulcer on my tonsils, and had a few of then in different places much more frequent than it usually happens with me, about 10 till now, last month I got swollen glands something totally new for me, in my jaw, under and above my ear, four swollen glands in a row in a short period of time, about 15 days

I realize and want to be optimistic about the low risk activity as many forums and sites state about it, a small chance on getting infected with a brief contact, I understand that you don't talk about symptoms probably because as you guys said on other posts it is totally different from one to another, but all this new and chronic symptoms got my attention. I make a regular battery of exams from time to time, last october I did it, all negative including hiv and other std's

What do you think about this incident? could be hiv or other std's ?do I need new tests? feel stupid to put myself on this situation for nothing, knowing that even for a low risk situation on a insertive oral sex but with a high risk background from this girl

The strange thing for me is, I didn't noticed anything strange on my pennis, nothing ulcer, canquer, discharge, nothing, and I didn't had any kind of oral contact with her, cunnilingus, kiss, nothing but I got all these symptoms in my mouth? is it possible, and fast like this?

Thank you for all your help, Edie


Greetings Edie,

I'll do my best to answer your questions as you've asked them:

i) Receiving oral sex is a negligible risk activity. What this means is that although there are body fluids present there have never been any reported cases of HIV transmitted in this way. Keep in mind that you are not being exposed to this females fluids outside of saliva, and saliva does not transmit the virus. Saliva actually inhibits HIV, breaking it down as it would with food or outside bacteria. Your partner giving you oral sex is more at risk in this scenario than you are, as giving oral sex can be a low risk for HIV transmission, although it typically transmits in combination with other higher risk activities.

ii) It is important to keep in mind that HIV does not discriminate. It can impact any person regardless of their profession, sexual orientation, socio economic status, race, gender, etc. Commercial Sex Workers are not any more likely to have HIV, as they tend to test more frequently than the average person. They have a great deal of concern about transmitting things from their customers, and having an STI can impact their job and their livelihood.

iii) I do not believe that these "strange things" you are experiencing are as a result of HIV infection as receiving oral sex does not transmit the virus. It is not possible for these things to occur as a result of HIV, but we do recommend that all sexually active individuals get tested regularly, as this is one of the best ways to protect both yourself and future partners from transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV. Testing is considered completely conclusive at 3 months following an exposure with no instances of exposure between.

I would urge you to put this behind you, and keep in mind the regular testing. All the best,