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is it possible 6 month negative result can be positive at next time.


is it possible 6 month negative result can be positive at 7 or 8 month. I have taken 3rd gen. test 3 times at 6 month after expose. But I am wrried till now. plz help me.


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your questions, we're happy to help!

The short answer to your question is No. Even in specific cases where further testing is needed past the 12 week conclusive window, the longest possible testing range needed is 12 months, and that includes immunodeficient individuals. No one has to test past 6 months, your tests are definitely conclusive!

Consider that most people develop detectable antibodies between 21-25 days post exposure. This means that your test results are highly accurate even just a few weeks after exposure, and are unlikely to change between then and 12 weeks. That helps make it clear why testing past 6 months isn't necessary.

For more information about HIV testing, please visit http://www.avert.org/hiv-testing

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