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Is it possible after 14 years?


Hi, I´m from Brazil. Sorry about my lame english. you may not believe what happen to me.

I justa found out that an old girlfriend that I had 14 years ago has HIV.

After I found out I´ve got really scared.

Now I´m feeling some fever and having some rashes on my body.

Before I do my hiv test (I´m going to do sooner) I did my CBC test. and... everything was completely normal: red blood cells, white blood cell, platelets. everything.

I have 2 doubts for you guys:

1 - Is it possible to have HIV for 14 years without treatment and my CBC is still completely normal? shouldn´t I be anemic, at least?

2 - I used to wear a condom with her, but I used to do cuniligus on her. what are the odds that I have become HIV+ on that time?


Hello and thank you for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline!

It sounds like you have some concerns in regard to HIV.

From what you have told me, you recently learned that a previous girlfriend of yours (14 years ago) currently has HIV.

  1. When it comes to HIV unfortunately, a CBC test is not an effective way to confirm whether or not an individual has HIV. Normally if an individual has an abnormal amount of white blood cells then the doctor may order a Western Blot test, which will further test the sample. Usually, an individual who has not had any treatment for HIV when they are positive have between 5-10 years before HIV enters its final stages and becomes AIDS.

  2. Both protected vaginal intercourse and cunnilingus are considered Low Risk activities as there have been a few reports of infection attributed to these activities, but they are usually under certain identifiable conditions.

When it comes to HIV testing it is important to note that all HIV tests are considered conclusive at 90 days post-exposure.

It is often hard to correlate symptoms and HIV as the symptoms that may be related to HIV are also related to many other illnesses. If the symptoms continue to be a prevalent problem then it might be best to partner with your personal doctor so that the symptoms can be addressed in a timely and proper manner.

For more information about HIV testing, you can visit AVERT HIV Testing.


Chris, Helpline Volunteer

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online