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Lap Dance Fear


Hi, I went to a strip club and took a lap dance. When taking lap dance I completely ejaculated and when ejaculating, the semen immersed into my pant and seems to be touched her Vagina (as it was a nude lap dance) as she felt wet. Not sure whether there was also pre cum or secretion from her and also not sure about her hiv or any other STI status. I am aware that hiv virus dies when exposed to air in less than a minute but in this case there is no gap. Since I was ejaculating and at the same time touched her Vagina and what if she has HIV + or any other STI and there was also secretion from her at the same time. Do i get infected by HIV or any other STIs from this situation and do I need to get tested for hiv or any other STIs?

Please help me to provide with direct answer for HIV/STIs as I am suffering from Anxiety and fear and I can plan accordingly. Thanks!


Hello, sexually transmitted infections,including HIV are not passed through clothing and you are at no risk. HIV is not being passed from getting a lap dance. No need for any fear as many people have a lap dance each day every day throughout the world.

if you are sexually active we do recommend that you regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections,including HIV. HIV may be passed when engaging in unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse with a person living with HIV and when injecting with shared needles.