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Licking a public school toilet seat


Can I catch the hiv virus from licking a toilet seat in the boys bathroom



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about whether or not you could have acquired the HIV virus from licking the toilette seat in a public bathroom. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be No Risk (Transmission of HIV is not possible in the given scenario).

As soon as the HIV virus is exposed to the air, the air in the oxygen renders the virus inactive. This means that anything on the toilette seat whether it is, blood, urine, or any other bodily fluid, (including the HIV virus), is inactive. There is no way you could have acquired the HIV virus from licking a toilette seat.

Please consider the following:

HIV is not transmitted through the saliva [1]. Enzymes present in saliva quickly render HIV inactive. Other ways that HIV are not transmitted are: through social and casual contact, hugging, kissing, shaking hands, sharing toilette, sharing dishes, and social kissing.

Recommendation: No need for HIV testing with the scenario provided, refer to a healthcare professional for other health related questions

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Heidi-Jane