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dear volonteers i appriciate you regarding your work on this help line
i have a question about my life my cousin who is a hiv positive person and we both shared same room and toilet. but i have cracks on foot due to a skin disease due to which my foot are opened but there is no bleeding from the foot and daily i used that bathroom for urination, oneday she got boil and i also got a boil on my back since it is summer both of our boils are popped on the sane day my sisters boil was popped first then mine and a cloth is used for her to clean all the puss and blood after a while the same cloth used by me .
now recently i found small and hard painy lumps in some places of my body such as under ribs and in right thigh and left thigh(near to groin) near to arm joint. and little soft movable lump under right jaw under mouth other than that i dont have any other symptoms.
now please tell me am i contracted with hiv?
please answer my question.


Hello and thank you for your kind words. Once fluids that contain HIV are exposed to the air, the virus cannot survive more than a very short time. The virus would not have been able to pass from her to you when you used the same cloth later. As for whether or not any other infection may have passed to you by using the same cloth, I could not say. I encourage you to speak to your doctor about your symptoms.

Symptoms cannot be used to diagnose HIV, only a blood test will tell you that. Symptoms that may be associated with HIV can look like symptoms of various other conditions, so they are not a reliable means of diagnosing HIV.

If you have other HIV related questions in the future, please contact us at the Helpline again.

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