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Is this look like ARS?


I had sex with a girl unknown status, one night 4 times, but every time used a new condom, at every trip checked it was not broken. after exposure, at 7 day i went to an exhibition where thousands of people visit every day .at 11th and 12th day from exposure started dry cough, ( not sure there was) fever or not, doctor give me amoxicillin, next day (13th day from exposure) at noon i felt cold, i checked my temperature it was 38.2 from oral, I bought parastomal and took at noon the fever goes down at 37.4, but at evening again fever 38.2,i took again at night it dropped at 37.3, then morning at day 14th there was again fever 38.0 and there was 2 ulcer in my throat painful with white color when I get up in morning, i took amoxicillin, and parastomal at 14th day fever goes down, at 37.5 at noon and evening i took medicine again, and at 15th day fever goes away, and at 16th day ulcer goes away, i used one chinese medicine for ulcer, There were no rashes, was little pain in body, and head, (maybe cause of cold because i stayed whole day outside, or maybe viral infection) ...
had fever 3 days, 2nd day ulcer in throat, what do you think is this ARS ? or could be common cold virus? I know it not possible to get idea about HIV from symptoms, but just want know your expert opinion, does it look like ARS or common cold?


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question you were asking if your physical symptoms may be attributed to HIV acquisition, or the common cold.

From the information provided, we determine this scenario to be of Low Risk: (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met). Penetrative vaginal intercourse with the use of protection is determined to be an act of Low Risk for HIV transmission. Although you have described responsible use of protection; this scenario does provide a certain level of risk, which warrants an HIV testing recommendation.

During HIV seroconversion a person will typically express a variety of cold and flu like symptoms, such as fever and body aches. However, it is nearly impossible for us to attribute any/all symptoms described above to HIV acquisition without adequate HIV testing confirmation.

For this reason, we recommend you refer to a physician for HIV testing confirmation.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Cody