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Lymph nodes / HIV anxiety



I have some queries, which I hope you will be able to help me with

1- If a person is seroconverting and has lymph nodes, will it come out at all the places or 3-4 lymphnodes in the neck can also be a sign of hiv. If a person is on antibiotic will it subside or lymph nodes due to hiv are subsided by ART

2 - Can the flu like symptoms go in 4 days. What level of fever is there in hiv whether it is above 101 or below 101 degree fahrenheight

3- Rapid point of care ( tridot tests ) test with serum will have how long a window period.

4 - Can the medicines of diabetes and antibiotic for lymph nodes ( augmentin 625 and chymarol forte ) delay the window period

5- If a person has a lymph nodes for more than 10 days & if he is actually having hiv, will it come in the tridot test...... I tested negative.

actually, i am asking these questions due to the following activity which I encountered in Jan & March

Jan - fingering in vagina and there is a possibility that my penis touch vagina of the csw & i masturbated with vaginal fluid in hand

8th March - Kissing deep, nipples massaging the tip of penis( fear of breast milk entering urethra). 10 seconds of insertive felatio.

I will be grateful if you could help me ease my anxiety, point by point.




1.) There are no symptoms of HIV - testing is the only way to know your status. Some people with HIV may have swollen lymph nodes, but others won't. Swollen lymph nodes can also be due to many causes other than HIV. If you lymph nodes are swollen then I encourage you to see a doctor. Antibiotics and anti retro viral therapy (ART) could potentially reduce lymph node swelling, but only a doctor can diagnose swollen lymph nodes and prescribe medication if necessary.

2.) As I said, HIV is not defined by symptoms. If you have a flu and a fever I encourage you to see a doctor.

3.) Rapid tests have a 3 month window period. Canadian and international guidelines state that the window period is 3 months for all types of HIV tests, although tests can usually detect HIV long before the 3 month mark.

4.) No, diabetes medications and antibiotics will not affect the window period for HIV testing or alter the test results

5.) Whether someone with HIV tests positive is completely dependent on how long it has been since the exposure, and if their body has started to produce detectable levels of antibodies yet. Symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes will not affect HIV test results, and they should not been seen as a sign of HIV.

I will now assess the risk of each of these encounters

January - fingering is negligible risk (no recorded cases of anyone acquiring HIV in this way), and masturbating, even after touching vaginal fluid, is a no risk activity. This is because the HIV virus dies quickly exposed to air. It cannot survive on your hand.

March - kissing is a no risk activity for HIV (saliva does not pass the virus). Receiving fellatio/oral sex is negligible risk. Massaging nipples with your penis is a no risk activity, even if the woman was lactating. No adult has ever acquired HIV from breast milk.

The risk of you acquiring HIV from these activities is extremely low and there are no confirmed reports of anyone acquiring HIV from these situations. We do recommend that all sexually active people get tested for HIV and other STIs, but keep in mind that your risk was very low. If your symptoms continue I suggest seeing a doctor.

I hope that this information helps ease your worries.