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Masturbation with saliva and HIV


A few months ago, a guy gave me hand job. During masturbation, I noticed he used his saliva once or twice before I stopped him. I wasn't nervous until recently after reading an article about risk of HIV with masturbation. My question is whether I need to worry about HIV infection and whether a test needed in this case.

What is the risk of receiving oral sex?




Hi there and thank you for contacting us at AIDS Vancouver, we are happy to help

It sounds like you are concerned about the risk of HIV transmission after receiving a hand job using saliva. This is actually NOT a risk for HIV transmission. The reason for this is that in order for there to be a risk of HIV transmission present, there needs to be a specific body fluid (blood, semen etc.) that comes into direct contact with the bloodstream of the second person, through specific activities (eg. vaginal/anal sex, sharing needles). HIV is a virus that relies on the body to survive, and therefore as soon as body fluids are exposed to air, they are no longer able to transmit HIV.

In your case, the saliva used to masturbate was exposed to air and therefore does not pose a risk of HIV transmission. Also, saliva is not a body fluid known to transmit HIV.

You also asked about the risk of receiving oral sex. This activity is considered NEGLIGIBLE risk, meaning that there has never been a confirmed report of HIV transmission through this activity.

For the activities that you mentioned, we would say that HIV testing is NOT required due to the negligible risk present. We do however recommend regular HIV testing for all individuals who are sexually active.

We hope that we have answered all your concerns, for further questions please do not hesitate to contact our helpline at the number below

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