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How long does HIV live on inanimate objects?

Two concerns worrying me are one, while in Phoenix I reached for a door handle while looking away and a sharp point on the handle knocked and cut my thumb which caused it to bleed. What if seconds before someone with HIV did the same and cut them self and blood went into my cut seconds later

Two....got a haircut and at end of haircut they use a trimmer for my side and back of neck. I did not see them clean the trimmer at anytime. The trimmer poked and cut my neck with blood wiped by tissue. So assuming someone with HIV that got their haircut and with same non cleaned trimmer right before my haircut got cut by trimmer and blood left on trimmer would that HIV blood now go into my cut and infect me?

Please be very detailed and certain either way with response?


Hi and thanks. HIV is not passed from a doorknob which has cut you. HIV is not ever passed from contact and HIV may be passed from having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse and when people share injection needles.

HIV needs direct access into a persons bloodstream from a person living with HIV. Barber shop equipment that may cut you is also no risk for HIV infection. If HIV were passed from door handles, everyone would be living with HIV.

if people were becoming HIV positive from barber shops, barber shops would not be operating. please work to educate yourself and understand that neither of these issues where you bled will expose you to HIV.