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About one year ago, I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend who was unfaithful at the time. Out of worry about other diseases, I got tested for HIV 12 weeks later and the results came back negative; however am I unsure which (generation) test I was issued except that it was a rapid test. I experienced no flu-like symptoms at the time of possible exposure till now; except that a few days ago I noticed a lymph node in my neck and in my armpits are swollen for no apparent reason. Should I be worried?


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your HIV questions, we're happy to help!

Rapid tests are third generation antibody tests. All HIV tests are considered conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure. So congratulations, your negative result was conclusive!

HIV symptoms are very vague and mimic viral infections like the flu, but they typically only occur between 2-6 weeks post exposure. If you're experiencing any symptoms now (more than 12 weeks post exposure) that is not indicative of HIV, and there's no reason for you to worry. Further, we try to shy away from talking about symptoms when diagnosing HIV, and instead focus on the testing instead. You've had a test at the conclusive time, and it was negative, so that's all you really need to focus on!

I hope this helped!

Fore more information about HIV testing, please visit http://www.avert.org/hiv-testing



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