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Mixed HIV results


Two days ago I took a rapid test with my friend. We had engaged in anal sex multiple time (around 8 times) in the past one month when I met him. In the multiple encounters, we never used protection. When we took the test, both rapid test produced two lines which we were informed is a positive result. However, the lines were two faint almost invisible. As I didn't believe the result, we headed to another clinic and took another rapid test. This time, my test was negative and my friend was unmistakably positive (The two lines were clearly visible).
Ever since that day, my anxiety has sky-rocketed and I'm having a very high degree of stress. I intend to get a retest but I feel its too early.
Should I take a test immediately and how can I manage my stress levels?
Do you think based on the information above that I am infected? Why did the first test show a faint positive and the second negative result?
One thing I observed from the first test is that the nurse drew a very small blood sample. Could this have affected the result? Again, since I was tested immediately after my friend, is there a way the nurse may have contaminated my rapid test kit?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about acquiring HIV through unprotected anal sex. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be High Risk (Evidence of transmission through these activities and is the majority of cases of transmission). It is extremely important to visit your physician and get tested, the window period for a fourth generation test can be between 16-18 days.

The scenario mentioned above does meet the three components of the transmission equation. Unprotected anal sex can provide direct access for HIV to enter the bloodstream. If you are continuously engaging in high risk activity there are biomedical approaches such as PrEP and PEP that help lower your risk of acquiring HIV. Refer to your physicians for further information.

HIV Transmission Equation: https://www.aidswindsor.org/healthy-me/hiv-transmission/ HIV Transmission Risk Through Anal Intercourse: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20406794

Recommendation: Refer to a physician for a HIV test

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Marie