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molluscum contagisum


sir i had unprotected sex with a familier lady . after some time i noticed some bumps on my genitals i visited to skin specilist . he adviced to take vdrl & hiv 1 & hiv 2 test .I took both test both r negative . i took this test after 3.5 months after possible exposure . i have confirmed this test after 4 moths with western blot technique .
i dont have any other previous disorder like hep c , i am not receiving any kind of cancer treatement . i feel that i am completaly healthy no any kind of hiv symptom yet present .
I hear that molluscum contagisum is due to weak immunity system like AIDS . i am 26 year completaly healthy looking man . i am scared due to above sentence . i live in india . is there differance in window period of hiv each country . please tell me is there any need to worry more . i asked doctor but he said test again after 6 months but i read on internet mostly that window period of hiv is not more that 3 months . i am completly confused scared plz plz plz guid me that i can take charge of my healthy life.


Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your concerns.

It's great that you took the initiative to go get tested! This is the only way to be certain of your HIV status, so congratulations on your negative results.

Your test results are indeed conclusive. HIV tests are conclusive at just 12 weeks post exposure, and you had a test at 3.5 months then a western blot which is the confirmatory (gold standard) test at 4 months. This means your results are definitely conclusive, and you are in fact HIV negative.

The only times you'd have to continue testing up until 6 months are if:

  • You're on antiviral treatment for Hepatitis C

  • You're being treated for cancer (chemotherapy)

  • You're on PEP for HIV

  • You have an immunodeficiency disease (you'd know as these are usually serious and diagnosed in childhood

Since these do not apply to you, your test results are indeed conclusive, and you should accept those results and put the thought of HIV out of your mind.

Different countries do have different guidelines on when HIV tests are conclusive. For example, here in Canada, HIV tests are all considered to be conclusive at 12 weeks. However, in other countries, certain tests (such as the 4th generation) are now considered to be conclusive at just 6 weeks. Additionally, some countries say 6 months because they include all the above cases in the general guidelines (Hep C, Cancer, etc.)

There is no need for you to test further. If your molluscum contagisum is continuing to persist, consult a doctor about alternative causes since it's not related to HIV.

I hope this helped!



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