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hello. i had a protected sex with a prostitute about a month ago. i finished off with my hand after taking off the condom. in about an hour or so i had an unprotected sex with my wife. i still had vaginal fluids from the prostitute on my pubis before my second act and i felt that my pubis was still wet. after 2-3 days my wife started having itching in her vagina and anus area and in the next day she had a massive hives allergy all over her body. recently she had a diarreah.
Can you please answer me, if i infected my wife and/or myself with hiv?


Hello having intercourse with multiple partners will increase a person risk for all sexually transmitted infections. Using condoms is the best defense against passing the HIV virus. Condoms used for intercourse is a low risk for passing HIV and used correctly the virus will not pass through a condom.

HIV cannot live outside of a human host and will not live on your pubic area and then be passed to your wife.

High risk activities for passing HIV are having unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse and injecting with shared needles.

We suggest that you and your wife, have testing done for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. if your wives health related issues continue or worsen please suggest she seek medical attention.