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Multiple tests but still unsure



Kudos to your good work.

I had sex with an unknown person on 10 Dec 2015, During sex, condom broke and I might have exposed my penis to a high risk. I have got myself checked four times and the results are as below
CMIA: 9 Jan (after 29 days)- 0.29, Nonreactive
Elisa 3rg gen 12 Feb (after about 60 days) - Negative
CMIA: 24 Feb (after 76 days) - 0.21, Nonreactive
CMIA: 15 Mar (after 95 days) - 0.1, Nonreactive

I have not had any risk exposure (stayed away from sex) since 12 Dec. I understand different forums (CDC etc.) recommend testing at 6 months. Should I still be worried and retest again?


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

Great job on taking the initiative to use condoms in the first place! it's the best way to protect yourself against STIs such as HIV! Additionally, great job getting tested when you were worried. Testing is the only way to be certain about your HIV status.

In Canada, all HIV tests are considered to be conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure (3 months). The old guideline was 6 months, but they changed this because there are only 4 cases where HIV testing is required after 3 months. These are as follows:

  • If you're on antiviral treatment (currently) for hepatitis C

  • If you're being treated for cancer via chemotherapy

  • If you're on PEP/PREP for HIV

  • If you have an immunodeficiency disease (you would know as these are typically serious genetic disorders that are diagnosed in childhood)

If these four cases do not apply to you, tests are conclusive at 12 weeks! In fact, many experts around the world are even saying that tests are conclusive at 6 weeks.

So congrats on your negative conclusive test results! no need to retest :)

I hope this helped!



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