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Mutual masturbation Std worries


I was cuddling with this guy and this ended up in Mutual masturbation. The guy was tested for stds half a year ago and had nothing. He has done nothing but Mutual masturbation with 2-3 other guys. We both did not cum but there was some Pre-cum that touched my hand and my penis and perhaps my anus(i have an anal fissure, not bleeding at the time). Should i be worried about Hiv/other stds? I'm really worried that i have an std now, please help. Thanks for your time


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your questions. We're happy to help!

The situation you describe is No Risk. This is for 2 separate reasons:

1) handjobs, or mutual masturbation is No Risk because it's non-penetrative masturbation with no exchange of bodily fluids

2) Any pre-cum that was present would have been exposed to the environment (i.e. no direct contact of bodily fluids such as in unprotected sex) and HIV is a delicate virus that cannot survive exposure to the environment. Once it's in the environment, such as on your hand, the virus becomes inactivated and damaged and can no longer be transmitted, thus eliminating any risk of infection.

For more information about how HIV is transmitted, please visit avert.org.



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