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NAT test after 54 days and tridot test after 90 days are conclusive?


Sir,iam 24 years old boy from india.i did protected sex with a prostitute on November 17 th 2014.i sucked and bited her boob for a 10 seconds.i put my finger in her vagina and touched my penish with that fingure.the very next day(18th nov 2014),i got back pain then went to hospital,doctor confirmed that i had a stone(4mm in size) in kidney.he didn't give any treatment,only suggested me to drink plenty of water.approximately,1 week after my possible exposure,i woke up at morning,i've noticed and felt very weak for a weak.at that time i studied a lot about hiv symptoms on net and worried a lot about hiv.after some days i got cough and fast breathing.after 20 days of my exposure,i went out from home,suddenly i got severe skin itching.at that time i thought that was due to very low weather temperature.then i've applied a moisture to my skin and i got recoverd from skin itches.i got tested negative after 1 month.but symptoms didn't leaved me.i got glands under my skin also.after 54 days,i went to a reputated hospital here,doctor suggested me to get tested by NAT(nueclic acid amplification test) and said that window period of NAT test was 7 days,NAT is used for early detection of hiv in developed countries.then i got tested Negative for HIV-1,HIV-2,HCV,HBV by NAT test after 54 days.Doctor and lab technicians confirmed that i didn't have hiv and no need of further testing.but symptoms still exists.i had cough more than 30days,skin itching and have red spots on my skin.finally i got tested negative after 90 days by TRIDOT method.but my symptoms still exists.sir NAT after 54 days and TRIDOT test after 90 are conclusive or not?please answer me sir.i'm feeling that my life is at risk.


Hi there,

Thank you for contacting our helpline for HIV/AIDS related information.

First of all, I'll address your risk of exposure to HIV. From what you've described, you are not at risk of HIV from this sexual encounter. For HIV transmission to occur, it requires direct access to the bloodstream by a bodily fluid, which usually occurs through unprotected sexual intercourse or needle sharing. Biting or sucking of the breasts and fingering then touching your penis are both not risky activities for HIV. Although vaginal fluid may have been present on your finger, HIV cannot survive once exposed to the air, so there would not have been a risk for you when you touched your penis.

Although you are not at risk from this activity, I'll give you a little more information about testing and symptoms. HIV cannot by diagnosed using symptoms; when acute phase symptoms do occur, which only happens in some people, they are within 2-6 weeks and resemble an intense flu, and disappear within 8-10 days. Although a rash may sometimes be seen as well, there are many other things that can cause similar symptoms to these, so the only way to know of your HIV status is to get tested.

The NAT test you took may not be accurate at 54 days, as this test is designed for early detection in the first couple weeks. However, the TRIDOT test is an antibody test, and these are conclusive after 3 months, so your negative result at 90 days is conclusive.

I hope I've addressed your concerns, and if you have further questions feel free to contact us again.


Sandra AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer