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Need clarification on Tridot


I had sex with a sex worker last month (10th November). She used her hands to wear condoms on my penis and after that she came top to me and gone through the sex. As she was top to me while removing my pennis from her vagina the condoms get sticked on her vagina and the fluids (Serum) split over the hair near by my pennis. I have gone through two tridot test (For HIV I and HIV II) on 2nd and 31st day after the sex and it was negative. Could you please advise whether I should go for Western blot test. I am very scared and not able to concentrate on my daily work.


Hello, using condoms for intercourse is a low risk for acquiring HIV and used correctly a condom will not allow the virus to pass from one person to another. There is no need to be scared and you have done nothing wrong, also a commercial sex worker is no more likely to pass HIV than anyone else. it is the activities of unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse and injecting with shared needles that may pass HIV.

An HIV rapid or Point of care test is as accurate and reliable as all other standard HIV tests.

Body fluids that touch your penis or genital area is not a risk for HIV infection. An HIV test at 2 days is far too early for accurate results. An HIV test at 31 days is a very good indication that you are not living with HIV as most people who have been exposed to HIV will develop detectable HIV antibodies in just 21-25 days.

However this test is not conclusive until 12 weeks or 84 days, post risk exposure. Please consider having a final test at 12 weeks and we are confident that based on your low risk and recent negative HIV test, you will continue to test as HIV negative. We also recommend that all sexually active people regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections.

As to the Western Blot test, this test is generally only used for confirmation of an HIV positive test result and would not be applicable to you at this time.