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need help please


hello.first of all i want to thank you because this site is very useful and informative.i have a few questions.
1.my exposure are protected vaginal,protected oral,deep french kiss,1 week laceration on hand.after sex i checked the condom with fill the water inside it and theres no leakage.but i forgot my hand hv laceration it may touch the vaginal fluids.during the deep kiss i didnt taste any blood.my scrotum just recover from fungal infection week before.theres no open cut or sores.for above concern i mention what is the risk of hiv?
2.the day after sex i start develop a symptoms such as dry mouth,shivering,lose stool,muscle pain,few rash on chest lose 4kg of weight and it last until week 5.i hv elisa test 2week after exposure it is non rective.but hsv-1 positive.but the doctor said theres nothing to worry.then i have hiv ag/ab test at 6week n 2day after exposure.it is non reactive.the doctor said i didnt have hiv and told me to move on.no need to test anymore.
3.after 6 week i didnt experience any symptoms and after the exposure i didnt hv any fever.the doctor said the symptoms before were due to stress.
could you please give me your point of view.i hv 3 papers more to complete my study and it seem like i will never to complete it if i have hiv..
thank you..may god bless you all.



We are glad to be here and provide you with valid and up to date information! I will do my best to answer your questions as you've asked them:
1) None of these things pose any risk to you-You used protection, which is the best way to protect yourself and your partners, and none of the other concerns put you at any risk of transmission.
2) 6 week negative is a really great indication of your status, and most infections are detectable with this test within 4-6 weeks. The reason I believe he said you do not require further testing, is because your sexual encounter posed a very low risk to you.
3) I agree with your doctor. Most people we speak to at the helpline develop many of these similar symptoms as a result of stress and anxiety. Feel free to browse our Helpline forum for stories similar to yours.

Rest assured, it is not likely that your tests will change, as we have never seen someone go from a negative to a positive. If you need confirmation, re-test at 3 months for conclusive results.

All the best with your studies, I believe that you will certainly be finishing your papers!