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Negative at 3 months post Exposure after HIV risk *Confirmed*


I have talked with an amazing woman over your helpline, and i must say what a great program this is for everyone in need!
I had a super high risk involvement with my partner who did test POSITIVE. I am the receptive partner in our relationship(bottom), we used condoms a few times but there were countless unprotected exposures without ejaculation. He was Dx'd with a viral load of 11,000 and a CD4 of 410. Any who my boyfriend is on ATRIPLA now and has yet to reach undetectable(he just started meds). So far with all the research i have been doing i should have tested positive. This is all to confusing for me and my family, as my family knows everything. I dropped down crying to them when my boyfriend found out he was positive. Our last Unprotected exposure was May 8th. It is now August 14th.

I had the following tests done ( i know i over tested ) But considering the circumstances i have been through you can see why.

1 week - Negative RNA TMA
4 Weeks Negative DUO ab/ag and RNA TMA test (4th Generation) Bio Rad
6 weeks Negative 3rd generation ELISA
9 Weeks Negative DUO ab/ag (4th generation) Bio Rad
10 weeks Negative Ora quick
11 weeks Negative Ora quick
13 Weeks (92 Days) Negative 3rd generation ELISA

I am totally thinking about getting on PrEP but i do not want to build resistance just incase i am positive. Would you say i need another test at 6month mark just to Fully Rule it out before i go on PrEP?

Thank you so much for the help! i will be donating very soon when i get my financial aid from school! :)


Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline again.

Thanks for reaching out to us, we are so glad to facilitate these meaningful discussions. We want to let you know that your are right, your test results can be considered conclusive. We want to let you know that many individuals who have engaged in high-risk activity do not acquire HIV; transmission through a high-risk activity is most likely but never inevitable. Further, risk factors (e.g. untreated STI) contribute to the likelihood of transmission happening, and it sounds like this was not a risk factor in your exposure. We are glad to hear that you have carried out HIV testing until your results are consistent and conclusive.

Even though you have had a high-risk exposure, further testing does not seem to be required. There are only 4 situations that may require an individual to re-test for up-to 6 months post-exposure, but these are rare cases that seem not to apply to you.

We are also really glad to hear that you are considering taking other measures of harm reduction, like PrEP treatment. Many individuals use PrEP treatment to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV, while engaging in high-risk activities within serodiscordant relationships. When combined with consistent A.R.T this can reduce the risk of transmission almost entirely. If you reside in British Columbia, we can give you a referral to the Health Promotion Case Management Program, where you may be assisted in getting the ball rolling for PrEP treatment. If you live outside of British Columbia and need help accessing HIV-related healthcare for your partner, we can give you a referral to the Case Management Program, and related services.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.



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