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Negative HIV rapid and HIV-viral load test



I had unprotected sex twice the first incident was 5,5 weeks and the second incident was 1,5 week before I took the HIV rapid test, I tested negative on the Rapid test, so they offered a free "viral load" test (part of a research). I tested negative for that to, they told me I am HIV-negative. I'm still a little worried so I am asking, do I need to do more tests or should I stop worry?



Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.

Since our organization is based in Vancouver, we follow the BC CDC (Centre for Disease Control) recommendations which report HIV testing be done 3 months/12 weeks post risk exposure for CONCLUSIVE results. Therefore, please follow up with your HIV testing at the appropriate time period.

Best wishes. Janet AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer