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Negative hiv rapid test at 3 months


I had a negative hiv rapid finger prick test at 3 months and just yesterday my doctor called to tell me my Pap smear came back abnormal. Can this abnormality in my Pap smear be due to hiv infection? Do I need to retest for hiv? I don't know what is wrong with my body :(


Hi and thanks for the question. Any and all testing for HIV, including a Rapid or Point of care test is considered conclusive at just 12 weeks or 84 days, post risk exposure. Pap smear testing and the results of these Pap tests have no relevance to your HIV test. Your HIV test is conclusive and you are not living with HIV.

There is no need to have nay further testing, if you have had no other risk exposure, and we sincerely hope you continue to work with your doctor to determine the cause of your health related issues. All the very best,