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Negative results but anxiety & symptoms


Hello ,
I had an exposure due to broken condom in Feb-2019.
I was tested several times negative - 1 week, 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 13 weeks after the exposure.
The test was 4th generation Duo test in the lab.

I have symptoms such as persistent sore throat , neck pain & burning sensation in the skin.
I never had these symptoms before the exposure.
No fever , my weight is stable.

Whenever, I get a symptom, my mind goes straight to HIV.
Should I still be concerned with HIV ?

please advice.


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about your HIV status given the HIV screening that you have previously received, and if you should continue to be concerned, despite your results.

The 4th Generation Duo testing method is extremely accurate in predicting HIV antibodies and P24 antigens. Because you have received testing at the official HIV testing guidelines recommendation of 12 weeks post exposure, you may consider your results completely conclusive.

Regarding the symptoms that you have described; it is nearly impossible to directly associate any/all symptoms that you are having with HIV acquisition without adequate testing confirmation. If you believe that there has been an extraneous exposure that you have missed, you may want to seek re-testing. However, for the exposure and subsequent testing that you have received, you find solace in considering your testing results conclusive.

Recommendation: No need for additional HIV testing for the scenario provided. Please refer to your health care provider for additional health related concerns.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Cody