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Not Sure if Condom Broke


Hi. I had sex with a lady, but after the sex, i did not notice any cum pouring out of the condom. In spite of this, I am scared of microscopic holes in the condom probably due to poor manufacturing here in Africa. Also, I had sex with another lady, but completely unrolled the condom before putting it on. After the sex, the condom appeared intact, and i did not notice any cum leaking. What is my risk of contracting HIV in both cases. I am a bit scared. Thanks


Hello using a condom for intercourse is considered a low risk for passing HIV and used correctly a condom that did not break will not allow the HIV virus to pass from one person to another. You should be commended in using safety in regards to your sexually health.

You have had a low risk and if the condoms did not break, you have had no risk.

We at the Helpline do recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and we are confident that from the information you have provided, you are not living with HIV.

Yours sincerely,