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Oral Sex


Hi and thankyou for doing such a great work by providing guidance to people like us who are full of anxiety. I have few question to clear my doubt. 1- Is HIV ab/ag test after 40 days will be considered conclusive by CMIA method in India from a reputed lab, dr lal path labs. 2- Is CMIA method 4th generation test or 3rd generation. 3- My result was antibody - non reactive and antigen index value was 0.44, how would you read this . 4- I had insertive fellatio for 20-25 seconds by a CSW in India, will this be considered safe. This was 40 days prior to test. Do I need to retest. , I will be thankful for your guidance.


Hello, receiving oral sex from a man or a woman is considered negligible for passing HIV and we have no evidence that HIV has ever been passed while a person receives a blow-job.

The test you have had is a 4th Generation test and many HIV specialists will consider this test to be conclusive at just 6 weeks, post risk exposure. While it is now up to you if you feel a final test at 12 weeks for conclusive results is needed, we are confident that you will continue to test as HIV negative.