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Oral Sex and Manual Stimulation


Approximately ten days ago I had a sexual encounter. He had briefly performed oral (unprotected) sex and had inserted his fingers into my vagina and anus without the use of latex gloves. This is all that was done and there was no sex that followed. I was just curious if it would be necessary to have an hiv test done due to this particular incident?



Hello, having oral sex performed on you by a manor a woman is considered negligible for passing HIV and there have been no reports of HIV transmission from this activity. Fingering or being fingered are both also negligible and we have no evidence of HIV being passed from this activity.

From the information you have provided no HIV testing would be required. However we always recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Education, communication with sexual partners, practicing safer sex and routine testing will ensure you live a healthy life free of HIV.

All the best,