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Oral sex.kissing and anal sex Testing after 29 days


Previously I had asked Question I had unprotected oral sex,Kissing with a transgender and protected Anal sex on 27 August . I tested with 4gen test after 14 days of exposure at AFA and it was negative and again I tested after 29 days of exposure .
plz tell me how reliable is this I am really vey tensed. I have developed little bit of rash its because of fear I really sometime I don't know... I got tested after 29 days its negative plz reply


Hello and thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver. We are happy to help answer your question.

It seems that you are quite concerned about a recent experience and having a difficult time understanding the accuracy of your test results. I hope to help lessen your worries by providing you reliable and up-to-date information that we have here.

Risk of acquiring HIV is not about the person that you are sexually engaging with but the activity so lets first look at that. As you can see here at the Risk Assessment Chart, it seems that your risk of acquiring HIV from this activity is low because kissing is a no risk activity, and protected anal intercourse is a low risk activity.

Testing is the only way to know your HIV status for sure, so it is great to hear that you have been tested already! The 4th Generation test has a testing window period of 4-12 weeks. This means that your body would have developed enough antibodies and antigens at 4 weeks after exposure for your test results to be reliable. Although we follow the BCCDC guidelines here at British Columbia that considers the 4th Generation test conclusive at 12 weeks after exposure, we also acknowledge that many HIV specialists considers it conclusive at 6 weeks after exposure.
Considering that your activity was a low risk activity, your test result at 4 weeks (28 days) after exposure seems like a good indicator of your status. If receiving a conclusive result will help you have a peace of mind, getting tested again at 6 weeks is an option as well.

I hope this information answered your question, and helped you understand your test results better. You can read more about HIV testing here as well.

All the best,
Risa, Helpline Volunteer

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