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Oral with small wounds on penis


I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker. After having an orgasm I noticed that I had three small wounds on the head of my penis. I could see the wounds but they were not actively bleeding. I think it is because she bit me or because I rubbed her teeth. Then I noticed that the girl had a cut in her mouth. It didn't seem to bleed, but I am not sure. I carrier of herpes and am circumcised

What is the risk of HIV in this situation?

My doctor suggested pep, should I take that according to you?

Thank you so much!



No! I would not recommend PEP for this scenario. PEP is meant for High Risk Exposures, including work place exposures, sexual assault, having shared used needles.

Oral sex is a negligible risk for HIV transmission, this means that there has NEVER been a reported case of HIV transmission in this way. Regardless of any wounds as they would have needed to be open, large and actively bleeding, as with the cut in her mouth. Also, saliva does not carry HIV and actually inhibits the virus, breaking it down as it would food or other outside bacteria.

Please move on from this scenario, and understand that you are not at any risk. Taking PEP can have a negative impact on your system, especially your liver.

All the best,