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Outside of the condom touched my penis head when removing the condom..


I recently had protected oral and vaginal intercourse with a woman. I did not ejaculate during the oral and vaginal intercourse.

After the protected vaginal intercourse, I wanted to take the condom off. While removing it, I saw that the outside of the condom touched my penis head. The girl I had intercourse with is of unknown status, so I'm now worried about diseases and STDs, for example HIV.

Is it likely that if the outside of the condom (which has been in the vagina) touches my penis, there will be a risk of STDs or HIV if her vaginal fluid was infected?

Also, the above question counts also in case the liquid on the outside of the condom finds its way down my urethra during the wash of my penis.

Additional information: I had no cuts on my penis or scrotum.

I'm extremely worried and I don't know what to do.


Hi there, thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for HIV and AIDS related information.

First of all good for you for using a condom, this is the best way to protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STI's)! Based on the fact that you had 'protected vaginal sex with a condom' this would put you in the 'low risk' designation. There is a risk associated with this activity as the condom may have broken, slipped off, not been used properly (for example not pulling out while still erect, or not holding the condom while pulling out), or the condom may have expired.

With respect to the fact that your penis may have touched the outside of the condom, this would not put you at any further risk for HIV. The HIV virus is actually a very weak virus that dies immediately upon exposure to the air. If there were any HIV positive vaginal fluids on the outside of the condom they would have been exposed to the air and any HIV virus would be dead and unable to infect. HIV transmission must occur in a controlled environment without exposure to the air.

While you certainly don't appear to be at a very high risk for HIV, you may be at higher risk for other STIs including Herpes or Hepatitis. For more information regarding STIs www.smartsexresource.com is a great website with plenty of reliable STI related information. Here at AIDS Vancouver we do encourage all sexually active individuals to be tested for all STIs, including HIV, as part of continued health care maintenance and prevention.

I hope that answers your question and alleviates some of your anxiety! Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

In health,

Arne, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer